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Redbel | 00:09 Wed 25th Jul 2007 | Reality TV
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I was watching the live streaming earlier and as part of this weeks task Chanelle was asked to play the violin,apparently she has a grade 6 or 7. She made a right song and dance about it crying and storming off into the diary room (as usual) saying she wouldn't do it. After she came out of the diary room Ziggy followed her into the bedroom and she told Ziggy that it was something she did for herself and it was her way of winding down (or words to that affect), she also said her parents had never heard her play or her brother and that her parents would never ask her to play in front of family members. Liam made a comment about the application form you fill in for BB and said lots of people fib just to get on BB, he admitted he put on his form he could play the piano but he couldn't, he then called Chanelle selfish, to which she made another song and dance about.
When she came out of the Diary Room she said she was leaving as she felt so strongly about having to play the Violin...........well if she felt so strongly, why did she put it on her application form.

Sorry to drone on so much........but I just felt she made it into such a big others said.....they have had to do and dress as things they didn't like........but they did it.


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Didn't see that redbel but I can imagine the fuss . I have lost count in this series how many times the housemates have said they want to leave. :-) x
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Mamma.....I wish she would.....she is so tiresome.
Not even gonna get into the argument between her and Charley......but will only say.....bang out of order Chanelle calling Charley a scruff and and a ****........
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Oh forgot about the abusive language.....that should have said....slUUt....
I cant stand this bloody stupid girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kee Charley in just depite her!!!!

I watched the live footage of her in tears in the caravan and pathetic Gerry and Ziigggaayy all over her like flies on $hit!

PLEASE vote to keep Charley in!!! Dont let Chanelle and Ziggy get their way!!
Oh no send Charley out, would love to see her face when she goes out especially the Boos. They should play it all into the house as well!!!
Why doesn't she just leave and put everybody out of their misery? By the way, Take Ziggy with her.!!

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