Two faced ziggy!

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chelsea78 | 22:49 Thu 05th Jul 2007 | Reality TV
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I was just reading a bit saying ziggy was pleading to the public to leave chanelle in when they were both having a cuddle, earlier on i was watching bb on E4 and ziggy was talking with gerry in the garden saying it would be good if chanelle was to go friday coz then he can do what he wants and not have her following him around all the time.
He's a complete n#b


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I'm a guy and normally i'd back a fellow bloke but ziggy really annoys me hes a user and giving us genuine good single guys a bad name.
Over the last couple of nights I've come to the same conclusion.
I liked him in the beginning but it seems pretty obvious, (to me) that he wants to finish it with Chanelle but isn't man enough to do it.
I think she realises but as she has alienated herself from most of the group she doesn't know where she 'fits' in.
If Chanelle goes tomorrow i bet he'll only miss her for about 5 minutes!
Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't he the one doing all the chasing in the first place and she was quite dubious about it. Now that it's got all serious between them he seems to want to back off. What a hypocrite!

Just proves again that a lot of men (not all men, before you all start getting shirty with me - LOL) are fickle!
well if he's have said that to Chanelle then she would have gone off on one. I think sometimes in there you have to be a bit two faced just to stay out of the arguments. I think she's the stupid one, yes he is controlling but hey she lets him, she's a pathetic kid.
I'm not sure I totally agree (though I have been going off him a bit lately).
I mean it seems to me he fancied her at first , but now realises how immature she is and how she seems to have this ridiculous posh and becks type fantasy for when they come out , and is realising he's made a bit of a mistake but doesn't want to hurt her feelings ( or look cruel probably ).
But we've all made those sort of mistakes haven't we?
I mean we don't always stay with our first love/fancy do we?

He would be over the moon if she left tonight!!!! Its an easy way out for him. He's a creep and i cant stand him, despite liking him when he first entered.
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I wish he would walk, i mean he has asked on two occastions, so why is he still there?

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Two faced ziggy!

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