Ziggy and Chanelle!!!

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tiggerblue10 | 19:47 Mon 02nd Jul 2007 | Reality TV
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Is it just me or does anyone else think that Ziggy talks to Chanelle in a controlling manner. Whenever they are having a bit of a tiff Chanelle is always looking away from Ziggy and he is always talking at her and and telling her what he thinks she is thinking despite her objections. He always seems to be the one to break it off and then initiate bringing them back together again. She doesn't seem to have a say in things.

Or maybe I'm just reading a bit too much into things!!!


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i agree tigger, it seems like a bit of control freakishness going on there and chanelle is too naiive to realise this, and if he's 26 i'm robbie williams's wife :-)
I don't mind Ziggy too much but i do think he is really patrionising towards Chanelle.
Agreed, I think he's very good at subtley controlling most people in the house, he just plain dominates Chanelle though. I don't really understand why she's so popular though, she does my head in.

(cazzrob, he really does look way past 26 doesn't he!)
totally agree with you !!! he constantly lectures her all the time when she tries to talk to him about how she feels!

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Ziggy and Chanelle!!!

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