am i getting old?

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True Blue 36 | 14:07 Mon 25th Jun 2007 | Reality TV
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or are the youngsters getting thicker? I'm 36 and i'm sure i had more to talk about and more ways to have fun when i was younger, than the whole of BB put together. Does Brian really NOT know shakespear? Does charley really not realise that she looks in the mirror all the time - where is her eye contact? Nicky, can you really be that moany when you have the rest of your life to go. The twins, can you really be that innocent and that fluffy and pink. They are all empty shells waiting for BB to throw them a life line - is it me or is this a taste of our future generation?


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milo1978 sorry i didn't read you question and just have. It's not me then - they really are that thick - i was starting to panic that i have become old and sensible!
I think some of the people in the at the moment are trying to portray what they think the public want to see it already looks like charley is copying nicki graham from last year with her rants and tantrums in the diary room,jade made a career out of being thick,I cant really belive brian is really that dumb but I could be wrong but I think its an act ,some of the stuff he has said is unreal unless he never went to school at all surely he would have heard of shakespeare!I think its quite worrying if he is being himself.
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what about the twin - can you really go through school being that pink and fluffy? I've never seen anything like it
I wouldn't say BB contestants are a very good cross section of our society on which to base all assumptions for the ability and intelligence of the future generation. These are the dregs of society, age is inconsequential.
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do you not think it is a frightening insight into what a lot of the youth today thinks is normal. I know its not the majority (thank god) of younsters but it does seem to be a trend with what is cool and what is not. I know a lot of teenagers and a lot of them are just not interested in life it seems. It is more about what they wear, who they know, how they act, what phone they have etc. Don't get me wrong we all go through that when we are young but we also knew where we wanted to be in life. It just seems that these people don't have a clue and just live in their own little worlds
lets be honest youd need to be loopy to even want to go into this circus, what this lot really require is psychiatric treatment. as for Brian hes trying to be the male equivelent of jade , no one is that stupid .
I think the twins behave the way they do to basically get what they want. Everyone has said they feel protective over them and this has been only a few days after meeting them for the first time. They use their girly pinkness and naiveness (sp? and if you believe the papers they are ceretainly not innocent little girls!) to manipulate people into liking and doing things for them, esp the men. Their playing the game and are so far winning the house over as I doubt anyone will nominate for them for some time yet.
I think as well the fact their twins will stop HM's nominating them too as they will feel bad of the possiblity that their vote was responsible for splitting them up, even though eventually it will have to happen.

As for Brian, I think he really is that stupid! Last night when he wet the bed was just awful and I actually felt a bit sorry for him.

Wow can't believe I wrote so much at this time in the morning! lol
Brian wet the bed?! Waht happended?!
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poor Brian - ha ha!
when he was in the caravan with Charley, he woke up to find he had wet himself. Can you keep that a secret - NO - big mouth Charley then went on to let the rest of the house know what had happened - she is so evil.

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