Ziggy the sneak?

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True Blue 36 | 11:57 Sat 23rd Jun 2007 | Reality TV
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Did you see how he went all cold on Chanelle from the moment he thought the prize money was gone. He made all sorts of excuses for not wanting to be with her.
I was so pleased when Billi said exactly what i was thinking, he is a fame/money seeking boyband reject and i don't like him anymore.
What do you think?


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ive never liked him from the day he came in. there was just something about him. i really want to trap his head in the fridge door
lol @ hotpink!!!!
Agree, I've never liked him and I think he's very calculating and controlling. Everytime he has a conversation with Chanelle he's got her actually blocked in physically. I think she's a silly girl for putting up with him, I believe she's intelligent enough to recognise at times what a manipulitve, conniving [email protected] he is but she continues with this farce of a relationship. I really don't buy the Mr Nice Guy he painstakingly keeps up. I think he looks like, and is as secretly psychotic as, Christian Bale's character in American Psycho!
I noticed that too, as soon as Liam won the �, Ziggy decided he didn't want channelle no more. it was so obvious.
chanelle went to the diary room this morning at 630 than ziggy got out of bed than layed on the sofa waiting for her to come out so he could find out what she was in their for
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he is such a control freak, can you imagine what he would be like as a b/f YUK and of course he would probably be shagging a few girls behind your back as well - slime ball.
I really want Billi to stay in so he can continue to upset the happy couple.

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Ziggy the sneak?

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