Do you think Liam was the right housemate to be given the money?

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whiskeysheri | 13:51 Thu 21st Jun 2007 | Reality TV
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Who would you have chosen?

(Bless him when he was crying!) :o)



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hmm..ii dont know to be honest- what i do know is that he was god damn lucky! he hadnt been in the house for 5 minutes- he seems a genuine lad tho x
Why not, if it causes argurments and mayhem, so be it.
If I was him now I'd get myself nominated out quick as a flash, a quick earnt �100,000 without being drawn into the murky mire so to speak.
I wouldn't have liked to have to choose and I think the choice was sound . I can think of a few of them I certainly wouldn't have given it to though .
Now wouldn't it have been a better night if the recipient had to leave the house !
No they should have given it to trace to buy herself a nicer caravan :-)
i think so. he was so touched and when he fell to the floor crying i knew it was the right decision. He has said one or two nice things in there and seems genuine

i agree with surreylass, liam does seems to be genuine, but after the announcement was made some of the housemates were saying "oh liam, u deserve it" not bein funny like, but why did he deserve it? he hasnt done anything and only been in there 5 minutes. tracey should AVVVVVVVVVV IT :-)
I was a bit dissapointed when i heard but after watching it i agree, it was so sweet to see him crying like that. bless him.
Im glad nikki had got in there before he got the money, now theres no way charley can get her hands on it.
I hope he wins now so he gets both lots of money, that would pee the others off even more.
I think they should have given it to somebody who needs it like oh I don't know A CHILDRENS CHARITY? And not to some limelight loving self-obsessed Q�$^$"*.

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Do you think Liam was the right housemate to be given the money?

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