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True Blue 36 | 23:39 Fri 15th Jun 2007 | Reality TV
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now we're talking. Funny how the blokes come in and Charley hasn't stopped smiling - see how long that lasts. Wonder how long it took her to stop crying after Shabnam left


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The twins certainly seemed pleased to see Liam lol

I noticed when they kept going back to the house that Charley kept going up to Jonathan (the millionaire) and hugging him, wonder if she had found out then that he was rich?

When they first showed Brian's VT (is that what it's called?) I thought he was in his 50's! I was totally shocked when he said he was 19!!!
Charley was only crying as she realised that if the public voted out her mate, then they would probably feel the same way about her! Spot on too!

As soon as I saw Brian I though he was way old too! Bizzare!

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