bb evictions tonight

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looobylooo | 00:09 Sat 21st Jan 2012 | Reality TV
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what??!! .. these evictions tonight just dont seem right!?!

(for those of you who watch it) i was surprised to say the least... were you?


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I'm not surprised and not bothered about seeing either of them go, he was a bit of a sleaze and she grated on me, bit too much of the actress (I know she is one haha!).
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i know what you mean .. but .. what about those snidey twins, though?! .. surely they should have gone before either of those two? ... grrrrr
Didn't watch it, I hope Denise Welch gets kicked off, I can't stand her.
whos gone tonight
usually when it voting for who people want to win, the boring ones go, but if its who they want out then yes I am very surprised as the twins are hated
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i must say she did let herself down the other night gran, in the hot tub without her top on with the young lads..... it was a bit cringeworthy really..
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it makes you wonder if the voters got a bit mixed up with who and how they were voting for, doesnt it, forget, lol..
aww I've missed it - who went out please?
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sorry rozia, kirk and natalie went tonight
OK. I'm one of the fools that love BB - yes I "usually" love BB but... what a travistry.. What's going on? No way could the British public vote off Natalie before the Twins or Micheal.
that Nicola is fake, don't you think?
Ive just about DIED!
Yeah, I'm surprised anyone voted to keep the twins in, or Nicola tbh I'm not too keen. I quite like grumpy Michael though ;) I think I'd like Gareth to win.
Rozia - I think Nicola is a fake - and she's so on her high horse about everything. I don't like or trust her.
I bet Hugh Hefner is voting to kee the twins in.
What!! the terrible twins are still in? NO WAY!! how the hell did that happen? Do you know something after tonight I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t fixed. As much as I am a Michael Madsen fan I’d love to see Gareth win.
I am rooting for Romeo, with Michael as runner up.
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gareth is my fave to win, at the moment, especially after seeing him tonight doing his 'task' and getting upset with his letter.. bless him...
i couldnt help but fill up myself, watching him..
he seems a really nice, genuine fella.
i like him, alot.
I was surprised to see Natalie and Kirk go last Friday, but do feel that the entertaining housemates have been left in the house.
I don't like the way Denise has been behaving towards Michael, she is a woman scorned and is venting her fury at him. She twists everything to be his fault! Also I cannot believe that she got her baps out in the hot tub, I am soon to be approaching her age and even if drunk I would still have the sense not to flash the sagging flesh!
Also I do not like the twins, so arrogant. But I would prefer to see the twins and Denise still in to create tension in the house, how boring would it be if everyone liked each other and all got on brilliantly, there would be nothing to watch apart from the BB tasks which can be funny.
I have a theory re the surprise vote on Friday. I reckon if the likes of Natalie had been up against the twins on her own she would have won hands down, but as everyone except Gareth was up on Friday, there was a lot more choice of who to save and as everyone concentrated on saving their favourite. This spread the votes a lot thinner between everyone up for eviction and gave the twins a much higher percentage of being saved, than if the choice was just between them and say Natalie.
Sorry! in my previous post, I meant to say surprise result and not vote!

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bb evictions tonight

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