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Prudie | 16:53 Sun 25th Feb 2018 | Radio
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I'm an omnibus listener, what a massive shock that was this morning, it made me cry a bit.
Who is going to take on the monthly Archers thread now? Another huge loss of contribution from dear Mikey who would have something to say on this storyline.


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It might not be appropriate if somebody took on the Archers thread, at least, not for a while. A respectful period of silence might be appropriate before that happens.
Me, too, Prudie. Perhaps we could take it in turns to open a monthly thread?
Hard bit for me is that a close friend's son-in-law (41 yrs.) caught 'flu in Jan.. Showed symptoms on Sunday, worsened and admitted to hospital Tuesday, pneumonia, both legs amputated Wed.. They were talking about amputating both arms as well when he died on Thursday. Sepsis - same as Nic.. Brought it all back. :(
So sad. I kept thinking 'What would Mikey have said'. Our Archers thread won't be the same for a very long time will it. I think we had better let it lie for a while, it was so much his thread.
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Gosh Jourdain I'm so sorry. I was horrified to read, when I googled about the storyline, that apparently sepsis kills more people in the UK than lung, breast, prostate cancers and road accidents all added together. Unbelievable, I had no idea.
I agree about not doing the monthly threads for a while. I never miss Sundays but don't know enough to run the threads.
I disagree about giving it a rest. Mikey would be disappointed if his regular thread didn't continue.
Rightly so, Hopkirk.

Me old pal, me old beauty, would be happy to see it continue, I am sure.
Hoppy and choux - would you be prepared to take on the thread between you? Perhaps give it a rest for March?
I've been wanting to post on this since we heard this morning but it almost seemed disrespectful. I do hope someone will keep an Archers thread going. Ed. can we have our own sub-division?
As far as the story went, it's unusual for something so major to happen so quickly, lots of people to feel some guilt.

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