Anybody Else Listening To Bbb Radio 2 Country Channel?

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vulcan42 | 18:19 Thu 09th Mar 2017 | Radio
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I have been listening to a most enjoyable few hours from midday. All the presenters, including an American, were talking about the artists and their music in an enthusiastic and normal voice--until now!! Steve wright comes on and in his OTT voice talks about himself, the music is incidental. Unfortunately the next two hours will, as usual, be the Steve Wright show.


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i am not listening, however there is a certain Alex James who appears on classicfm, i switch off because he is so full of bull....
Vulcan....I wish I could share your enthusiasm for country music, I really do.

But years of crossing America by car put me off for life. Every time you pressed that "search" button on the rental cars radio, it would just find yet another country station, at the total exclusion of every other type of music.

NPR could be relied on, sometimes, to get you some classical or jazz, but coverage was very patchy.

When you have heard "Hotel California" for the 20th time in a day, its hair-pulling-out time !

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Anybody Else Listening To Bbb Radio 2 Country Channel?

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