Mark Steel.

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melv16 | 15:15 Thu 16th Feb 2017 | Radio
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Tune in to radio 4 tonight at 11-00 to hear his new show.
He's probably my favourite comedian.


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My son and Mr Davidson occasionally drink one failing as a parent..... :-(
19:59 Fri 17th Feb 2017
Comedy gold searching for his birth mother, eh!
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I take it you've never listened to his radio shows, jomlett?
I've listened to his road shows around uk, that seems to have run its predictable course, but making fun of adoption is a bridge too far as im concerned.
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It's about his search for his birth parents, jomlett. He toured it around the country and it got very good reviews.
Ah need to listen to it then. Cheers.
Thanks, Melv....didn't know this was on tonight. I like Mark Steel and the story behind his birth and adoption is fascinating........both humorous and very sad......I wish his birth mother had agreed to meet him....I'm sure, had she lived, she would......but I love the three questions she asked about him...........

Sometimes humour is how we deal with the bad things in life.....x
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Really enjoyed the show, you couldn't make it up about his father.

Never heard of him tbh.
Melv....imagine finding out that this man was your father! What a fascinating programme........
He's so good live too......x

Just looked him up on Wiki, total waste of space, an oxygen thief.
Well he wouldn't want your oxygen, Baldric...that's for sure....

You made your judgement never having heard of him...honestly!
I agree about Steel....his shows are always a pleasure to listen to.
Whilst I don't share his politics, Mark Steel is always....always worth listening to.

I read

///A stand-up comedian known for his left-wing beliefs (he was a long-standing member of the Socialist Workers Party).///

Don't really need to know a lot more tbh.
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Are we a Jim Davidson fan, baldric?

Not sure who 'we' refers to Melv given that it's plural and I'm not.
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Is one a fan of Jim Davidson, baldric?

Yes one is a fan of Jim Davidson melv.
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Thought so, baldric. I wonder what google will say about him?

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Mark Steel.

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