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denis567 | 00:18 Fri 31st Jan 2014 | Radio
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Am I alone in finding local traffic reports interfering with my car radio listening, a nuisance?
In the area I live in we have a good reception of BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio York, BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio Sheffield.
When travelling on my own I like to listen to my CD player, but the reception is continually interupted by these traffic updates coming from the stations listed, sometimes within a few minutes of each other.
I know someone is going to suggest I disable this feature from my radio, but I have tried this, and it promptly re-sets itself.
In desperation I switch the radio to MW, where thankfully you don't get these updates.
Any suggestions?


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>>>and it promptly re-sets itself

It shouldn't! Perhaps the make and model of your car radio would help us to suggest a solution.
If you have a TA button switch it off or go into the menu and disable the feature from there.
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Hi Chris,
It's a bit late tonight to go outside to give you that information, but I will do so tomorrow'
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I will also try that tomorrow, thanks
I'll back up Douglas on the basic principle but (annoyingly) some radio manufacturers use 'TA' where others use 'TP' and some use both to mean different things! (That's why I was asking for the make and model).

Can turn mine on or off with a TA or it might be a TP button whenever I like.
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Hi Chris,
The car is a Chevrolet Kalos and the radio one made to fit Chevrolet cars.
There is quite a comprehensive handbook which has a section devoted to the radio, so I will browse through that over the weekend and see if I can get into the menu.

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Rds Traffic Updates

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