Corrie again...

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lesblue | 12:54 Fri 11th Mar 2011 | Media & TV
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In last night's episode, David Platt's slapper fiancee said she was unaware that David had been out with Tina. Didn't he have "Tina" tattooed on his arm a couple of years back? That might have been a bit of a give-away I'd have thought. (yes, I know its not real)


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I also queried the fact that he didn't know she was Becky's sister.

Maybe calling herself Candy meant he didn't recognise her!!!

I can't remember if/why he was away when Kylie was on the Street first - selling 'Maxie', working at Roys Rolls
wasn't he in the hospital then puter?
He did know her when he met her. Her dancing name was Candy. David kept calling her Candy when talking to Gail etc so that Gail would nt know who Candy really was. David wanted to shock not only Gail, but every one else in the street.
You would think by now Gail or Audrey would have mentioned Max, her son.

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Corrie again...

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