I Am Legend

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flip_flop | 13:36 Wed 12th Jan 2011 | Media & TV
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Taped this over the Xmas period and got round to watching it at the weekend and Will Smith dies at the end.

I've heard there's a different ending on the DVD version - what happens?


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Here you go, flip_flop.

I prefer this cut of the flick...........
Question Author
Thanks - and they all lived happily ever after.
I was going to watch that tonight too, and now Yogi has gone and spoiled the ending :)
LOL......sorry Chuck.

How about The Great Escape?......i'd love it if some day McQueen MADE the jump and got away........ooops! :0)
I just panicked at the headline..........
I like the motorbike.

Very sexy. Very retro.
(the motorbike from The Great Escape ... not IAmLegend)
^ down girl.....
Me ???
LOL craft, I should imagine papulations set in to a large proportion of AB at the title :)
That fence McQueen has to jump every Xmas is getting higher every Year yogi ! One day he will crash into it ! :-))
The bike from great Escape was a triumph painted to look like a German bike...
I like the fact that Steve M pinches the bike from a German soldier, and he's riding ...

... a Triumph.

I'm sure the Nazis were well known for supporting the English motorcycle industry.
LOL.... redman

You almost want to 'do a limbo' on that part and lower it a bit for him.....then shout out loud.....'Go on my son.....floor it' :0)
... as Chuck has already pointed out !
You don't reall "floor it" on a bike, Yogi.

But then ... "twist it" does sound a bit lame.
even stranger, Jayne is the fact it was Steve M chasing himself in the chase scenes because the stunt riders couldn't keep up with him, so they re-shot the chase bikes with Mcqueen riding them.
Agreed JJ....thats why i prefer 'floor it' x
Thats the scene I said was my iconic film moment -the Steve McQueen one -class.
That was a great thread -pretty i couldnt nurse it cos I dont watch a lot of films -remember TB that the one when you liked the speech out I am Spartacus :)

(wonder how long people will still speak about Legend even although he isnt here ?)
McQueen was just the coolest when it came to chases, Chuck........he did most of the car stunts on the superb 'Bullitt' too.

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