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andy-hughes | 12:58 Tue 21st Dec 2010 | Media & TV
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Does anyone else think Karen Brady has had some 'work' done?

On 'the Apprentice - You're Hired' when she was in the audience, she looked really good. I know she has had her hair cut and tinted, but her skin looked so much frersher, and her teeth looked much brighter.

She is on record as saying she would never had surgery for her looks after brain surgery - but i wonder if she has had a 'peel' or similar and some teeth whitening?

Whatever, she was lookin' real good ...


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Good make-up artist. Have you seen the difference good make up does to Judy Finnegan?
She sure was Andy - I thought it was the new hair-do that made the difference, but she could have had other 'work' done - though I doubt any surgery. Maybe orthodentistry and one of those chemical peels?
i think im with ummmm and put it down to good make up and a nice hair do.
its amazing what a bit of slap can do for us women! ;o)
I definately thought that she'd had her teeth 'done'. I thought she must have had veneers (sp) and they looked very white. I thought she looked better. I had been thinking throughout the series that it was a shame she didn't make any effort with her hair or anything. It was making her look older than her years.
I think she may have lazered her moustache off

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