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anagram | 18:53 Tue 09th Nov 2010 | Media & TV
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Linda Barker was the designer on today's show. The final result was gaudy, tacky, downright horrible. Just the same as it used to be on Changing Rooms! Can't help wondering what her house looks like, I bet it's not full of bright coloured wallpaper and glitzy gold stuff everywhere.


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Her own house is very nice, clean lines, quite swish.

There is a message there i suppose.
I didn't watch todays programme, but have watched some. I think most of the houses look far better before these 'so called' designers take over - in fact they look hideous!
I will never forget the Changing Rooms episode where the woman made them rip it all out again, she said it looked like a tart's boudoir.
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Does anyone employ these designers outside of television I wonder. I certainly wouldn't want them anywhere near my house.
I would be livid if some kind helpful person nominated me for this, and I came home to find everything changed. I'd like to have some say in the matter!
Well Linda Barker was essentially a set-designer when she got the Changing Rooms gig so that might explain some of her suggestions!

I think she mostly writes about design and sells home furnishings mail order - I don't think she's done much interior design consultancy.
Not about the designs, but I find her voice reeeeally annoying...
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" I'd like to have some say in the matter!"
You and me both boxtops. Can you imagine coming home to find all those people, cameras and a grinning Linda Barker waiting for your? My worst nightmare!
yes id be fuming if someone did that to me...but i suspect some know in advance and talk their friends through their likes etc.. thats what id do
It could be Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen flapping his cuffs at you.....
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Well ok Zeuhl. maybe I could think of a few things that would be more of a nightmare than being confronted with a Linda Barker makeover but it's still a pretty nightmarish thought.
sorry anagram

that 'Reeeeeally?' was directed at Boxtops

I agree with you
I thought it was, zeuhl ! ;-)
i rarely watch this programme, but OMG her voice , it reminded me of a cat screeching. awful,

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