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BertiWooster | 01:06 Tue 10th Aug 2010 | Film, Media & TV
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I watched an episode recently of the above - the one in which Del Boy and Rodney are left 100k each in Grandad's will .

How did that story line fit in with them becoming millionaires , when the item ( forgot waht it was ) in their lock up was auctioned ?

Did they spend all the 100k , before the millionaire episode ?


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Do you mean Grandad or Uncle Albert's will ? because uncle Albert left them some money which they paid off the Inland Revenue with (or something like that) in one of the last episodes.
Silly story line to finish with a watch worth 6 million looked like just a easy way to end the the show with .
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Indeed , i meant Uncle Albert
they didnt end it with that did they. I thought they then lost all that money
Yes you're right 4get, they lost all the money. Then did another series being broke again, and so on - - and so on - - and so on - - - - - - -

as a massive only fools fan they should've stopped when they became rich as the story was then complete. the subsequent episodes were poor imitations.

slightly ot but the other morning I was watching Citizen Smith (another John Sullivan sitcom that aired before only fools) and john challis was in it basically playing boycie!
Power to the people..
Should have stopped it after episode 1!
I've never understood its popularity but being critical of it is like being critical of Diana, people go ballistic!
Not sure about the answer to this.
One of my favourite moments though was when they went to scatter his ashes at sea (from the back of a cross-channel ferry) and Del says something like "...and do it with some ceremony Rodney, don't just empty it out like an old hoover bag!"
Yeah, there are some great one liners in OF&H
Can you think of one?


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