Denise and Lucas in Eastenders

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linedancer3 | 22:09 Sat 31st Jul 2010 | Media & TV
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Didnt see this weeks eposodes so just catching up. I must have missed something! When Denise got out of the cellar,the door was boarded up outside when she opened it. How had Lucas been getting in and out?


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the back door, she didnt know where she was to check for back door
After 25 years of EE I don't recall there ever being any mention of a cellar in the houses in Albert Square. However, it does explain how so many people can live in these houses, the cellars must have been converted into bedrooms.

On another point, When all the ruckus began at Patrick's house and the family escaped, Jack phoned for the police & ambulance. Two coppers arrived and one immediately said to Lucas, "I'm arresting you on suspicion of false imprisonment". How did he know Lucas had been holding Denise against her will?
I noticed that too, no-one had mentioned what the problem was, Jack just phoned the police and asked them to attend that address.

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Denise and Lucas in Eastenders

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