Susie Verrico another Z list celebrity on TV again

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smurfchops | 16:34 Mon 28th Jun 2010 | Media & TV
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I thought her face looked familiar on A Place in the Sun today. Looking for a £500,000 pad in Marbella as well as a houseboat in Chelsea. She was one of the [email protected] on BB around four years ago with her false knockers and long dark hair. Why do these people have to be in the public eye? Grow old gracefully dear.


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There is another couple doing the rounds of this sort of show - Graham and Ivy. They've been on Four Weddings (they had a naturist 'do'.. that was an eyeopener (unfortunately!!)), Coach Trip, Graham was on A place in the Sun and Ivy was in the gaggle off wannabe's at the start of this years BB... she obviously didn't get picked, but if she had that would have had 'FIX' written all over it!!!

I obviously watch far too much rubbish TV!!!
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Look at my old thread on here hippy :

LOL - 'Plonker'.. lovely word! Pair of idiots the both of them! hee hee

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Susie Verrico another Z list celebrity on TV again

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