Sit, boo-boo, sit. Good dog.

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DiscoStu | 20:38 Tue 18th Jan 2005 | Media & TV
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Anyone know what tv show this line was at the end of?

You know, like 'I made this' at the end of the X-Files, or 'Shhh!' at the end of The Simpsons?

This has been bugging me for weeks now since someone said it at work, and they haven't a clue why they said it!


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It was actually "Sit Ubu sit, good boy" Ubu Roi was a black labrador owned by Gary Goldberg producer of Ubu productions. At the end of each of Goldberg's TV shows a picture of Ubu would come up . These programmes included "Family Ties" & "Spin City". 
" good boy" should read "good dog"
hope someone comes up with another answer soon cos this questions driving me mad. I know the phrase but didnt watch any of the above programs, have  a feeling it was something i watched regularly though
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Can't say I'm much the wiser, but I guess it must have been Family Ties. I seem to remember watching that on an odd occasion when I was younger, though I couldn't tell you a thing about it except for the obvious Michael J. Fox reference.I've never seen Spin City, so that's not where I've heard it! Thanks.

The one I remember was Taxi
These little bits at the end of programs can be more entertaining than the programs themselves! My current favorites are,   GRRRR, ARGGG! at the end of Buffy, and "Bad Robot!!" after Alias, any offers on more?

This gives a list of stuff he's been involved in, but I also rember a more recent show with the 'UBU Productions' tag at the end & never watched any of the recent ones on that list, so if you can find a full list of TV shows made by 'Ubu Productions' post it here please.

taxi was goodnight mr ----------- uh hu. with a bloke in silouette walking out of the office.



mr walters apparently.

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Now that I know about UBU Productions, I've had a wee search and found the following site:

It's got a decent list of closing titles. UBU can be found in the Vanity thread.

Thanks for the help guys.

Thanks a lot disco stu!!!! this is now driving me insane - I've done no work and spent half the day looking for programmes made by ubu!!  It's definately on something else that either is still on or was on a lot not that long ago. 


I think it's a comedy - and i can even hear the end of the music in my head before the sit ubu bit. I'm not going to be at peace till i know!!!!

The programme you remember it from is probably "ALF" Which was an Ubu production. 
hi surreyman, i watched all of them but Alf and family ties haven't been on terrestrial tv for donkey's. i'm absolutely sure there's something more recent. And this wasn't even my question! :)

I agree Englishbird, maybe late nineties though. Let's just keep guessing until we find it!

How about 'Due South'

It could be 'spin city', it's on paramount on sky at about 9 every night, and only stopped being made a few years ago so it could be that. Hope this helps.

Wasn't it The Cosby Show??
I got this from wikipedia>

A 2005 episode of Family Guy pays homage to Ubu. When Peter and his friends attend an '80s TV Convention, a sign at the front door reads, "In Loving Memory of Ubu." The show also makes an oblique reference in the 2000 episode "Running Mates", where Peter ends a speech with the phrase "Sit Ubu, sit. Good dog." In the French audio track, Peter "explains" that Ubu is his dog--perhaps because French audiences would not have been familiar with Ubu Productions.
I remember it well. Just like someone else posted. It went sit Ubu, sit, good dog. I remember it being run many times on KOFY TV 20 in San Francisco. It may have also run after family ties. But that's what I remember from my childhood.

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Sit, boo-boo, sit. Good dog.

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