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try the site UTSIRE.COM/ANAGRAMS. It's really easy...
Yes we have realised these are anagrams but I'm sure you'd be better off posting a proper question.
The title could be "anagrams of TV programmes".
The question could be "please help solve these anagrams of TV programmes..."
And it's better to put them all under one posting- by creating separate postings you are relegating other people's questions (including one of mine) off the page.
Hope this helps!
Why dont you put this question in Quizzes and Puzzles ?
This is another example of why AB should require posters to put something in the question box. A title like "acdeeeehhillnnoorsttw 8338" is meaningless without an explanation of what is being sought.
Anyway- is mabelplayer pulling our legs as this doesn't look like an anagram of anything to me
''Why dont you put this question in Quizzes and Puzzles ?''

Or maybe in Dramjktolorfgv 7902...
Lmao snags, nice.

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acdeeeehhillnnoorsttw 8338

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