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rescuer | 20:51 Tue 06th Apr 2010 | Media & TV
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Just bought a Sony 32" Braviia HD TV. Very. very good picture but I haven't found out how to get the printed words --- so necessary to see what some actors are mumbling.
Is it available on this set?


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dont know the set but there is usually a button on the remote marked "subtitles" or something similar
Where are you getting the signal from? If it's Virgin or Sky you will need to use their settings to display subtitles.
Otherwise, look in the manual.
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Thanks alexandfrd and HC4361. There is nothing in the handbook .
Freeview is coming via direct cable from Sky dish, thought I do not now pay for Sky.
I will try to find Sony via computer.
On previous 14 years old set it was simple to operate and get the subtitles as well as things like Stockmarket prices, However the picture on new set is tip top.
Freeview = Terrestrial aerial = usually built in new tv's, or set-top box.
Freesat = Satellite dish and usually digibox, but may be built into a few tv's

Which one you have?

If Freesat or Freeview built in to TV, subs will be set by the TV remote (read the manual)
If Freesat from a Digibox, you use Digibox remote for subs.
If Freeview from set-top box connected to a tv, you use the set-top box's remote.
I know nothing about your TV, but would like to add that if it's coming from your Sky dish, It's not freeview but freesat. Not sure if that makes a difference.

But found this for Sony Bravia on the net.

Press 'tools' button. Scroll down and select 'subtitle setting'. Choose 'Basic'. Then press 'menu' to take you back. To switch them off, you have to go through the same procedure and choose 'off'.
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Thank you dabees. However there isn't a 'tools' button on the remote provided.
I tried to contact a Sony Centre by phone today but it was always engaged. I will try early tomorrow in the hope that I manage to get through.

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