After having sat up till the early hours

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lankeela | 14:49 Sat 27th Feb 2010 | Media & TV
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for the past week to watch the Winter Olympics I was looking forward to watching this weekend at a sensible hour but there's nothing on today till 7 pm. Five hours of rugby half of which is not even England but no coverage of the Winter Olympics! Where do they get their ideas from about what we want to watch?


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lol the winter olympics: 37 different ways of sliding
Have you got Eurosport Sky Ch 410....round the clock coverage of Winter Olympics
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No - got a 14" portable with five channels!
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Most of it leaves me cold (great pun huh?) but the curling and bobsleigh and mens downhill skiing is good to watch. Why do they call it downhill? Is there uphill skiing?
Good point lankeela. Uphill would be heavy going 1 ;-))
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OMG! Just googled 'uphill skiing' - http://www.urbandicti...hp?term=uphill+skiing

Don't look if you are easily offended! (Now that is sure to make you look).
Now that would be good to watch. First to come gets a Gold Medal :-D
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I must have lived a very sheltered life!
it's downhill as opposed to cross country!

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After having sat up till the early hours

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