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Eve | 20:56 Thu 31st Dec 2009 | Film, Media & TV
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I've been trying to order a film via Sky Box office but it won't let me via the interactive service as there isn't a phone line plugged into my sky box.

I have a phone line over the other side of the room which leads round the wall to where it is plugged into an adsl adaptor for my landline and modem.

The sky box is over the other side of the room where the telephone line originates.

There was initially an adsl adaptor there but I had to take it out as it stopped my broadband from working.

I've just tried a different adsl thing and it knocked the broadband off as well.

Does anyone have any idea how I had fix it so I can use sky box office and the internet at the same time?

I can order over the phone but it costs an extra £1 and, I assume, the phone charge as well.

Thank you for any help and Happy New Year!


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I'll be honest I haven't a clue but, I have never had any trouble when I ring Sky and ask for help. They've always been really good. Good luck and happy new year to you.
I think you can plug it into the phone line, order the film and then unplug it again after you have the film.

not 100% but it's worth a try

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