Gorgeous black female presenter on Sky Sports News this morning

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SurreyGuy | 09:14 Wed 23rd Dec 2009 | Media & TV
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Does anyone know who the new babe was on SSN at 6.00am this morning?


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No - this one was DEFINITELY FEMALE! :o)

She looked a bit like Isha Sesay, but it wasn't her.
I've been trying for 2 days to find out who she is, she is absolutely stunning. She was replaced by the horsey lady at 07:00 this morning, she was making a load of mistakes though!!!
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Yeah, she "stumbled and bumbled" a lot, but hopefully she'll improve.

We're really spoilt now - Natalie Sawyer, Georgie Thompson (Dec's a lucky b******!) plus Lucy Verasamy and Denise Nurse doing the sports weather and now the newbie! :o)

Claire Tomlinson used to be quite nice, but she seems to becoming too "up herself"! Mind you, I'd rather have her on my TV than those numpties Jim White and Graham "I Have An Annoying Accent" Little!
True, re Claire Tomlinson is a bit 'old school'. Mike Wedderburn couldn't beleive his luck when this 'Lady in Red' turned up yesterday.
Not Asha Tanna?
Question Author
Nope, not her - although Asha Tanna is nice.
natalie sawyer is engaged to sam matterface how you seen him? how did he pull her?
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You are kidding me, right?! JEESH! How the hell did he manage that?!
yep they usually present together, she used to date the footballer martin rowlands which i could understand but sam uglyface?
I think Sam and Nat must have had a barney before they went on air!!
Just to clarify, and in these politically correct paranoid times, is she, how can I say, of 'Caribbean' appearance or more Asian looking?

To confuse me even further you're gonna say "a mixture of both", aren't you....?!
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Miss Burak was doing the night shift on Sky News last night, so I doubt very much that it's her.
Question Author
Philtaz - I'd say she is most definitely of African appearance.

ahmskunnirt - it's not her, but thanks for the suggestion.
She must have joined only this month, she doesn't even feature on the Wiki list of Sky Sports News presenters.
Samantha Johnson! Only a few entries in Google though. Anyone have anymore detail?
Agree about the mistake-laden hour, hopefully this won't prevent her being used in the near future!
Anyone know what she's up to now?
UPDATE - Now working for ChelseaTV

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Gorgeous black female presenter on Sky Sports News this morning

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