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fly258 | 17:20 Sun 12th Dec 2004 | Media & TV
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I've just watched a bit of this program and I'm absolutly flabberghasted that ITV can screen a program before the watershed about children who spend their days playing on a railway line.

Is this totally irresponsible, or am I just being too nannyish?


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Well your entitled to your opinion fly258. The Railway Children is meant to be a family movie & it's not just about kids playing on a Railway line so i don't see any reason why it should be shown only after the Watershed.It's like saying a family movie has a scene about a kid stealing from a shop or a kid steals a car so you better show it after the watershed incase it gives any kids any ideas.

I see your point but where does it end?

The 'Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe' film is out soon - would you put a 12 or 15 certificate on it in case a child stepped into a wardrobe....I don't think so.


I wish we could all watch TV, let children play games, and live our lives without a PC in sight .......


In the almost 100 years since the book was published, I don't think it has ever been suggested that it has been a contributing factor in any railway-related child deaths, so I suspect that your being a bit nannyish.


Mind you, when it was written, people probably took responsibility for their own children a bit more, and didn't blame everything on the media.

I know what you mean, I used to get really wound up about Rosie and Jim.  I mean, those two children playing on a BOAT, on a CANEL, and this was screened at 3.30 in the afternoon.  And Bob the Builder with all those sharp tools.

It is a classic story set back in a different age.  Children must learn what happened in different eras.  We can't protect them from everything. I don't think a child watching a classic story like this would be influenced to play on a railway line.  Most well know classic children's adventure stories are full of references of children in dangerous situations.

Yes, I think you are being too nannyish.  It is up to parents to teach their children.  As LeMarchand says we can't blame everything on the media.

fly258 I saw the Railway Children many years ago when I was a child and when I started reading your question I wondered to myself what could possibly be wrong with kids watching the Railway Children. In that case kids can't watch anything - Spiderman, Roadrunner cartoons, Bugs Bunny, etc. because all these programmes have violence and things that have potential to be dangerous in them. Also, Railway children is a story about children so there's no point showing it after the watershed.

To be fair by you, you probably have it at the back of your mind, the terrible murder of a child some years ago, that was commited by children near a railway track. But the media is not to blame for that.

Its the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they bring their child up knowing right from wrong. If your child knows it is wrong to play on a railway line then no matter how many times they watch the program they won't do it. Blaming the media for your own parenting frailties is ridiculous and just shows that you take no repsonsibility yourself in my opinion.
Also, if you watch the Warner Bro's film of the Railway Children, in one bit one of the boys on the paperchase gets his leg stuck in the tracks in the tunnel and he breaks it as a train comes through (I think he's frees it just as the train is about to run over it!) so I guess that would scare kids off the railways in general?! x
fly258: are you one of those trying to ban the father chrsitmas incase it offends non-christians? No offence but you don't sound like a member of the PC brigade!!

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