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marwel7 | 21:21 Mon 23rd Nov 2009 | Media & TV
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In a clip from the new series of Gavin And Stacey,shown the other day,Gavin introduces Bryn to a work colleague,Owain Hughes.Bryn says to him,"And Do you?" to which Owain replies "No I don't" both in the manner it being a well known joke.Can anybody explain it to me,please.


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Is it meant to be 'Owe Wayne Hughes' (money or something?) - I think it might be down to how you pronounce Owain (as opposed to Owen).
Owen Moore went out one day
owing more than he could pay
Owen Moore came back that day
owing more

lol x
It does depend on how the name is said. A lot of non-Welsh speakers pronounce Owen as "OWIN"
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I still don't get it!!!
If you say it the Welsh way OWAIN - sounds like OWE WAYNE so Bryn is saying 'Do you owe Wayne Hughes (money)' and Owain says he doesn't. (Though I haven't seen it yet do I could be wrong).
I'm welsh, live in Wales and am a welsh speaker and I didn't get the joke either.
Incidentally the name Owain is actually pronounced - Oh wine
Wish I knew what the joke meant too.
Well I'm just surprised this is the only thread on here about it. I thought there would be loads. I'm going with Owe Wayne Hughes myself. Good first episoe.
hey guys, i am from wales
and i think i know what was meant by the joke

okay and sorry if im wrong but i think it was about him speaking welsh
like owain hughes is a very welshie name.
and i assume that the owain guy would have expected gavin to say "and do you speak welsh?"
so he said "and before you ask ,no i dont"

the reason i think it is this is because, if you remember back to one of the previous series, bryn was talking about how nobody in wales speaks welsh.

do you think this could be it??
That sounds more like it. Reckon you've hit the nail on the head there!
Do you shag Sheep ?
Surely the whole point is that we don't get it, whether we're Welsh or English (or anything else for that matter).
The explanation about him speaking welsh would have been OK if Gavin had asked but Bryn asked him so I cant see that being the explanation. I agree that it may be something we will never know the answer to the same as we will probably never know what went on in the boat.
Forgot to add I dont think it is the money explanation either because the pronounciation is Owine not Owen. I too am Welsh so I cant see it being a Welsh joke.
My nephew's name is Owain Hughes, and everyone assumes he knows the answer. I don't think there is an answer to the question, it's like when they refer to the fishing trip, and what happened between Bryn and Jason , eveyone has their own idea, but no one really knows so it just keeps you guessing, very clever.
Owain Hughes is basically saying that he is: Owain = Owe-ing + Hughes = You's, if pronounced carefully in a welsh accent he is saying "Owe-ing You's" "and do you" [As in do you owe me] "No I Dont" [as in I don't owe you].

Hope that Helps.

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