Evil Disney Characters in Miffy Form

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sophie_1003 | 17:08 Wed 14th Oct 2009 | Media & TV
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Can anyone name all of the disney villains presented in the form of Miffy in this picture?
If it makes it easier to identify which one you're on about call the top row A, the second row B etc and then number each one from left to right so e.g. A1 is Scar from the Lion King.


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A2 is Jafar
B1 the queen of hearts B2 B3 B4 are all the wicked queen/ stepmother from snow white
C1 Cinderella's stepmother C2 Cruelle de Ville
C2 - cruella de vil
D3: Shan Yu from Mulan
D2- is Ursella from The Little Mermaid
D4 I think is the bad dude from Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Is B2 not the wothch from Sleeping Beauty?
C4: Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone and yes China, I'm pretty sure B2 is Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty
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also, not sure that d2 is ursula, she was black and purple
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thanks for all the answers btw! not sure bout a2 and a3, know that one of them is from pocahontas but dont know which one!
I'm fairly convinced D2 is Ursula... I think it's a good call.
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does look a bit like ursula, just the colours got me wondering, am now thinking it could be hades from hercules?
also, just realised a4 is hook!
A2 is Jafar so I guess A3 is the Pochantos one.
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ah sorry, meant a3 and a4 when I was on about pocahontas! who is c3??
You'll probably find some more here...
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ooh thankyou! d1 is gaston!
A4 is Captain Hook! I'd not have got that... I was leaning towards one of the villans from Robin Hood

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Evil Disney Characters in Miffy Form

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