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Ells | 11:21 Wed 01st Dec 2004 | Media & TV
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Who did the tune played on last nights show (30/12/04) that consisted of whistling, it's been bugging my boyfriend and I since!


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I don't know who did the tune but it's one that freaks me out completely. I once watched a horror movie where the killer whistled the tune whilst cleaning himself up after killing people. And ever since then I just feel creepy when I hear it. It's the same with the Halloween tune. I go all goosebumpy.

Like you I'd like to know who actually made it so I can stay well clear of it.

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I've been whistling it all day today at work and somebody recognised it - it's from Kill Bill!  Still don't know who did it though!
alpha beta gaga by air .i think.
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Now that is disturbing - as i have (i think) all of air's albums!
mindbullets is right. It's on their album 'Talkie Walkie'
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yay!  nice one!  thanks guys!
Don't want to ruin what seems to be a satisfactory conclusion, but the whistled tune from Kill Bill is Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann...
If you want to confirm for yourself one way or the other, there's a polyphonic version of it here -

Does sound very similar to Alpha Beta Gaga though...
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Well!  I say!  Thank you!

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