1970's Kids Summer TV Series

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ans123 | 00:08 Fri 14th Aug 2009 | Film, Media & TV
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I have been trying to find the name of a TV series that used to be on in the 1970's summer holidays.
Sketchy details but here's what I remember: The ending music was a nice catchy sea-faring type and I remember a white-hulled boat coming ashore on the sand.
It was possibly a Crusoe type series although I can't be sure?
All i know is it was my favourite series and I always missed the last few episodes as I had to go back school.
Here's some what it's not : Crusoe(60's), The Lost Island, Danger Island, Flashing Blade.
Anyone can give me any ideas?


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Can you tell me if it is an animation or a kids drama series?
That would narrow things down a bit!!
Question Author
Hi imhotep.
It wasn't animated and not a drama series.
It was based on an island - i think?
My impression is that it was an adventure or shipwreck type series, although as I remember a boat coming to shore it could have been someone on a boat that became lost or stranded on the island without being wrecked.
It could have been part of the Banana Splits Adventure Hour but I've looked and can't find anything matching.

I think it used to be on quite often through the summer hols and always continued two weeks after being sent back school.
It's possible the name of the boat was the name of the series??? I do remember the titles as a fancy calligraphy of blue writing???
Sorry it's vague but it's been so long!
Here you go then ans123.
Perhaps you could find it in this weblink I have provided you..
Maybe you could find it here......... 70s.htm

Good luck!!
I noticed a programme called Danger Island.
Is that the one you're looking for?
Question Author
Thanks for the link...........
I looked at this list a few days back and just again now.
Unfortunately i don't think it's on that. I looked at Adventure Island and Danger Island and others that it might be, but it's not them.
It was in colour with white sandy beaches and blue sky - typical tropical island type stuff.
It could be one of the 'Swiss Family Robinson' TV series from the mid 70's. There were 2 of these but I can't find any clips to check.
They are for sale on Amazon but i would like to buy only if I know it's the right thing in the first place.
Well i have done a bit of detective work ans123.
Unfortunately,I couldn't find out what the programme was,but I have found some more weblinks for you to have a look at.
I'm not sure whether you will have any luck with them,but maybe you might be able to find i say good luck.
Sorry I couldn't bring you the answer... ren%27s_television_series/ OnFilm/shipsontv.htm -film/26111-late-1970s-childrens-adventure-ser ial.html

Hi ans123 was it this by any chance
Question Author
Hi garfield.
That's not it either, but that's one series I had completely forgotten about!

imotep.......Thanks for those links. I spent the last hour going through them but still no luck. It's amazing how many series are listed that I used to watch and have forgotten.

I have a feeling that the one I'm after used to be on daily every morning towards the end of the holidays wheras most listed seem to be Saturdays only??
Could it be Barrier Reef, it was shown on BBC1 in the early 1970s... s/barrierreef.htm

I remember the title sequence had a ship with white sails.
Swallows and Amazons?
Or maybe the Famous five series?
Barrier Reef opening and closing titles...
"Why Don't You Just Switch Off Your Television Set And Go Out And Do Something Less Boring Instead?" ntyou.shtml
Question Author
Barrier Reef seems to be the best 'feel' for it so far. With the ship and tropical location.

Fillbert...... Just looked on youtube to make sure but it's not those either.

Was thinking it's one of the Swiss Family Robinson Series but just got a few clips of the American 1976 one here: ily.php#cite7 and it's not that.

The Canadian 1974-75 one: nson_(1974_TV_series) is still a possibility but i can't
find any clips.

I think that's what I should have done instead of watching too much tv. I used to like that show though!
My only other suggestion would be The Beechcombers...

... don't be fooled by the 1980s date on this clip, the series started in the 1970s.

This series was shown on ITV.
Question Author
........not the Beechcombers either :(

Think i will give it a break and later start looking at the early 80's stuff.
The black and white 60's Robinson Crusoe on youtube is well worth watching though. I just ordered the soundtrack from amazon.

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1970's Kids Summer TV Series

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