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Milla | 19:22 Sat 13th Nov 2004 | Film, Media & TV
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It's not really the Lemony Snicket site, but the official movie site of A Series of Unfortunate Events that I have a question about. On this site, it is said you can collect 9 eyes, I have found 7, and can't find the last two. Could anyone help me out with this one? thanks


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i cannot find the other two either but i believe that they may be in the parts that arnt finished (shady charecters) hope this helps
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yeah, i guess your right. thanks very much
i've also only found 7... i'm pretty sure the other two are in the shady characters section. although i do think that there might be two 'clues' (?) regarding the last two eyes - you can find the first 'clue' when you read violet's description, there's a little note that says 'incorrect. viloet tied her hair up with a ribbon, not a string. is this a secret message?' the second one is under josephine anwhistle's description 'ungrounded may be code for jumping out a window... must investigate...'

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Lemony Snicket site

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