australian film?

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kerrymc | 17:05 Tue 09th Nov 2004 | Film, Media & TV
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very vague i know, but does anyone know the title of a film which i think is australian (or possibly from new zealand)?  it is about a boy who gets into loads of trouble, and he has a secret hidey-hole at home in a wall cavity.  it ends with a portishead track (which i have also forgotton the title of!) which plays while he sets fire to the house while he's hiding in the wall.  i remember watching it on tv about 10 years ago, and would like to see it again, but i have no idea what it was called!!  please help!  


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No luck I am afraid, are you sure it was Portishead?  See this website....

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i'm pretty sure, but i've been known to be wrong!  i've been investigating, and i think the track is roads.  there was a scene near the beginning where some kids have a fight - i think a hole track was playing in that one, possibly violet?

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australian film?

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