Corrie - Tyrone's dog Monica

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jessiedog | 23:08 Fri 24th Apr 2009 | Media & TV
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What happened to Monica? I know that it was thought that Dev's mad girlfriend killed her, but she didn't and Tyrone got Monica back.

I haven't seen her for ages (years) but cannot remember any conclusion to her story

Many thanks


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i thought it was chesney's dog that mad mya kidnapped? sorry, dognapped. Because she came back with the great dane didn't she?
I too cannot remember Monica being mentioned.
No, that was Monica and Maya left the pup outside Jack and Vera's for Tyrone.
Then Monica turned up safe and well and Tyrone gave the pup to Chesney.
Was it not changed in to a mouth organ .Tyrone was heard calling Hear Monica so some kindly passerby hand him the mouth organ and said here mate you can have this if it will keep you quiet .
Chesney's dofg is Schmichel. Where is Julie living now she has split with Kirk?
Hear Monica, (harmonica) Weecalf, very droll, but the old un's are the best ha ha....
Julie's moved back in with her mother, she was complaining about how much longer it takes her to get to work.
maya killed monica
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Hi everyone,

Sorry late coming back to this thread, had all the saturday things to do first. Thank you for the response

love the here Monica idea

Monica came back safely from mad Maya (till I started thinking about dog I had forgotton all about her) but then just never seemed to be mentioned again. I will have to dig deeper on google as this is really bugging me now.

I thought Julie moved back in with her flatmate rather than her mum, but I might easily be wrong on that.

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Corrie - Tyrone's dog Monica

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