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imhotep | 00:20 Sat 28th Mar 2009 | Film, Media & TV
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Hi all!
Is there anyone out there that watches this show on the Virgin channel?
Well,I am certainly flummoxed by one particular episode.
It is the episode in which Sarah Connor is in this psychiatric establishment where she is being tested for her nightmarish dreams in which she is being haunted by the dead guy that she killed in a secret depot.
Well,one minute she was dreaming about being kidnapped by the dead guy,and the next she was back walking around this establishment with her family.
Near the ending of the show,she and John Connor got shot by the nurse,and I thought that was the final episode of them being killed by the nurse.Then it said 'To be continued'........
Eh!!!!! What is this??
A next episode where they are still alive!!!
How the heck can they be alive for the next episode.They got shot for goodness sake.Have they been resurrected or what? I haven't seen the latest episode yet as I recorded it.Maybe I will get some answers from this part.
But, if anyone can explain this episode feel free to explain.
I wish the people who create this great series,would be more specific at what they are getting at!!
I reckon there should be more involved action,and explanatory plot rather than loads of backtracking and a load of dialogue.Let's see more Terminators I say.


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Hi Imhotep

I'm also a fan and found this ep hard to understand too - so I read fans opinions on the forum. Apparently, the stuff in the van was real, whereas the sleep clinic drama was a dram.

And I prefer the action episodes too.
sorry. dream not dram.
Question Author
I was really hoping someone would answer my threaded question.I don't know if you are still on AB Lorcan,but many many thanks for replying to my thread.Any help is gratefully received.
I am still none the wiser even after reading about it on your link,but at least I understood what the episode was actually about.I had a feeling that the sleep clinic was a dream situation,as they wouldn't have appeared in the next episode.This part was the only confusing scenario of the series so far.I wish the producers wouldn't confuse the viewer too much.
Let's have some action like the T2 film I say.
I like Shirley Manson, who plays the liquid metal T-1001terminator.What a sexy lady!!! And she can kick some a$$.Cameron better watch out for her.I think I can guess who will win this fight!!

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