is it gary oldman

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rcrayner | 23:10 Tue 12th Oct 2004 | Film, Media & TV
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Who is the guy talking to Donald Sutherland, in the Barclays Money Tree Advert, someone told me it is Gary Oldman, but I have my doubts, can anyone shed any light?


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Yes he is definitely Gary Oldman. And did you know his sister is Mo (the old one) in Eastenders!
Ray winstone is Mo's real life brother! lol Gary Oldman is American
Gary Oldman is not American, and is in fact the brother of Mo (the old and) from Eastenders, as he was the one who supplied her with her stagename. He was born and raised in South East London.
To avoid any confusion, giving someone a stagename does not make you siblings. Mr Oldman just happened to be the person who suggested the name to Mo.
But he is english and he is her brother.
Shazfish is totally correct - check the trivia listing on this link Her stage name is an anagram of "Mia Sorella" - which I understand is Italian for "My Sister"

Shazfish all the way. Sometimes a little checking can be useful. Gary was so good in "Leon", just a pity about his accent slipping in that one where he takes over the President's plane. (Harrison Ford)


Oh by the way it's Air Force One

Stop it ur making me blush :-)
Er me me me!! I was first to answer. Share the shazfish praise eh? ; )
That is very true Cheesefreek, u were the first to answer. I was just backing u up :-)
Aw, thanks shazfish - you're a star!  : x
oops didn't mean to ignore you Cheesefreek - I'll pay a bit more attention next time : - )

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is it gary oldman

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