watching 100 greatest stand ups

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dot.hawkes | 23:09 Wed 31st Dec 2008 | Media & TV
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Peter Kay was on ages ago, and Ken Dodd, Kevin 'Bloody' wilson hasn't been on yet, but its still got about 40 to go and i have run out of ideas : ((((


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heyyy not heard of Kevin Bl00dy Wilson for years lol

"That F**kin Cat's Back "
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Mumm,, that F*ckin cats back!!! how the f**k did he do that? I kicked his ass to Kingdom Come ...
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I wanna be F*ckin builder when i grow up ' lol Love that one
Well...she was suppamegafugly, boy she was f**kin ugly
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lol there's loads on you tube but i'll get zapped if i post it on here lol
I know, I got into trouble from leggings for postin it one day - imagine that eh LOL
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well i posted one about a year ago and it got past but not sure now, there are some rather unamused names floationg about lol
eh we're the only two on this whole thread lol
I just finished watching it and to be honest 90% of those featured were way better than the so called comic at the no:1 spot.
I love Kevin's Father Christmas one!
who were the top three???

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watching 100 greatest stand ups

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