Stand Up ocmedian Beginning with D

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natalie_1982 | 08:32 Wed 10th Dec 2008 | Media & TV
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I'm having a senior moment.... can anyone think of an Irish stand up comedian whose first name begins with D?

He might not be Irish but I think his name is.


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Got it - Dylan Moran :-)
dont you hate that when typing away and answer pops into your head nat :-)
Think you might mean Dara O Briain!!!
That didn't come out as I meant it. Was going to say thought you might have meant Dara O Briain, he is brilliant
What about the late, great Dave Allen?
Question Author
Thanks for the answers, but I did mean Dylan Moran. I quite like Dara O'Briain and have never heard of Dave Allen. Well not a famous one anyhoo.
Sorry to be the one to say it but the older comedians were definitely the best. It is a shame you are too young to remember Dave Allen as he was hilarious, as were all the comedians of that time. There must be a lot of laughter in heaven - or as Dave Allen would say, "wherever your God may be".
Show this Dave Allen clip to anyone learning to tell the time:

Classic Dave Allen storytelling.
I was worried there. I thought I was the last person to remember Dave Allen and his irreverent humour. I think he only died last year. I first saw him when he introduced the acts at pop concerts in the 60's. Brilliant!

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Stand Up ocmedian Beginning with D

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