Jon Sargeant & Jo Brand

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frazerd | 20:11 Mon 01st Dec 2008 | Media & TV
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Are John Sargeant & Jo Brand brother & sister?


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It's just pure coincidence they both have faces like the back end of a bus could you say that about Jo Brand. She's lovely with a homely face and great new hair style. She's also an extremely good comediene.
Jo Brand is great! Why do people always have to judge others by their looks?
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Both proof that in t he great scheme of things looks don't matter a jot!

People who are not naturally 'beautiful' have to work a lot harder personality wise and often have a terrific sense of humour.

It must be more difficult being beautiful in the long run because in time outer beauty fades and this must be really traumatic.

I too think they are both great!! Jo Brand is just lovely.

BTW The fact they look alike has very often been talked about on TV and Radio and they both joke about it!
Has anyone actually seen them together at all? If so we should be told as the resemblance is too weird otherwise!! No offence intended to either person.
I wish someone would write a script with the two of them in mind, I swear they could do a brother & sister act like Hattie Jaques & Eric Sykes used to do.
I've always thought how similar they looked, I think it is the mouth :-)

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Jon Sargeant & Jo Brand

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