britains favourite comedians

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manutdstott | 00:38 Tue 05th Oct 2004 | Media & TV
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did anyone watch this programme the other night? which i personally thought was a joke. can anyone believe steve coogan didn't get a mention anyone with me on that? and john cleese didn't even get top 5, but twenty something. as with peter kay he gat i think number 11. I personally didn't find any of the top 5 very interesting at all, although maybe they're well loved and talented. my top 5 would be (steve coogan) (peter kay) (john cleese) my mate in work & me. its just my opion, anyone agree with what i said?


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I saw from no 11 upwards - it seemed to be mainly stand up/sketch show comedians so would explain absence of Jogn Cleese. Steve Coogan has been out of the public eye for a couplke of years so maybe that's why he wasn't there. But the top 5! Dawn French??? Never heard anybody outside the luvvy fraternity saty they find her even slightly amusing; Victoria Wood??? And in the Top 10 - Lennie Bloody Henry??? If he's so well loved why are his shows always panned?
I didn't see it but I'd like to know who the top 10 were- can someone tell me? Speaking of 'comedians', I watched about 5 minutes of that reality comedy thing on e4 last night...8 comics cooped up in a big brother stylee house together. Awful. Truly awful.
Did I dream it or was Eddie Izzard not in there anywhere? or was there a rule about them having to be British or something? I agree about Dawn French, and also, BRIAN CONLEY???
Why, was Brian not in there? Because he is one of the funniest stand-ups if he was in there, then I take it back.
I never realised Coogan was not in there, shameful. Chris Morris, Mick Miller, Spike Milligan, Chubby Brown, Rik Mayall, Julian Clary, Eddie Izzard, Al Murray, Ed Byrne, I could go on. They should have been in there ahead of Jim Davidson, Lenny Henry, Brian Conley and French and/or Saunders.
I suppose everyone likes different things: I can't stand Spike Milligan or Eddie Izzard but know a lot of people like them. But I have never heard of any real person (i.e. non-luvvy or fellow comedian) liking Lennie Henry, French & Saunders or Victoria Wood! And who were the contributors: Gina Yashmere (?), Jeremy Hardy, that bloke who used to be in the NF??? Not one of them has a funny bone in their body!
Greatest LIVING comedians.
My mum absolutely loves Victoria Wood. Those piano songs she does are quite clever.
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thanx to all who posted a reply, its always great to get a good response, and to hear everyones opinion. thanx
I only saw the last few minutes of tonights show but bill bailey wasn't voted funniest? how the F*** not? truly a genius that man!
I think jennifer saunders should have been on there. She was the only good looking person on there.

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britains favourite comedians

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