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Scarlett | 16:17 Thu 30th Oct 2008 | Film, Media & TV
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Whilst we're on the subject...
Did you see his "interview" with Ricky Gervais a little while ago? He was talking about his film Ghost Town. I thought Jonathan Ross was really rude and horrible to Ricky G- who I know, is just as bad a bully, and can give it out etc. But it just seemed to be below the belt this time.
Anyone else see it?


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Not seen it, but I am surprised to hear you refer to RG as a bully - I know of no evidence of this, perhaps you can explain?

I know that JR and RG are close personal friends, so what may have appeared as baiting and rudeness was probably just banter which both of them understand.
Scarlett I was just going to reply the same as Andy. Surely you are not referring to his Extras show- all the actors made their own choice to go on this amazing series and knew fully well they would be up to a bit of ridicule.
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Have you watched the extras on the Office DVDs? And the Extras DVDs? Ricky taunts and torments various people that he works with- namely the editor of the shows. He calls them mean names and then abuses them physically cos it makes him laugh. Don't get me wrong- I can totally see why this is funny to him! But after a while of watching it, it makes me very uncomfortable and I wonder if these people are putting up with his behaviour cos he is so famous/ their boss. A bit like the way he is rude about Karl Pilkington's round head- but much worse. You need to see the DVDs really. I really like what Ricky G does, but those extras on the DVDs showed him to be a bit nasty really.
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Andy- I have seen their banter on many occasions, but this time it was quite different. Ricky G seemed to NOT find it funny, but actually seemed quite p*ssed off with it. It was not nice. It was not how friends would talk to one another. If anything it was one-upmanship- Ross trying to put Ricky down in order to make himself look funnier. It was cringeworthy. Try and see it if they repeat it!
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Yay- here is part 1

and 2 ure=related

Tell me what you think. Ricky just seems to endure it- like, he wants to promote the film and get out. Seems he is fed up with Ross's insults.
Jonathan ross and Ricky Gervais are best friends, so any animosity you saw was merely in jest
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Hmm, I just felt that that time he had gone too far, and Ricky wasn't laughing at all. He made no effort to stick up for him on "Loose Women" today!
I felt that on Loose Women Gervais merely wanted to avoid commenting a situation that he posssibly felt had been blown out of proportion.It wasn't what he had been booked to talk about.
I'm quite disappointed in Ross,as I have enjoyed his work for a long time and I thought that he knew just how far to push things.
Brand,on the other hand,has always struck me as an undisciplined performer.
But the thing that astonished me about the whole thing is that between recording and transmission nobody at the BBC seemed to think it wasn't fit for transmission.
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Hmm... fair enough! Maybe I am just more sensitive?! I felt that Ricky G was uncomfortable and not having much fun, and was quite hurt by what Jonathan Ross was saying.
Ricky does make fun of his colleagues in Extras and yes I have watched almost everything the man has ever done. However you do say he makes fun of the isn't he the one to decide which bits get shown....
I don't think you can compare Ricky's colleagues with Mr Sachs.
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sunflower... my link was nothing to do with Mr. Sachs. This was just something I felt whilst watching Jonathan Ross interview Ricky Gervais, way before any of this Sachs stuff happened. I didn't see the Sachs thing so cannot comment on it!
My apologies Scarlett I think I ran over to another thread on the subject! : )

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