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MissCommando | 01:46 Fri 19th Sep 2008 | Media & TV
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Hi ppl,
Been wanting to know for ages - what is wrong with her eye? She tries to cover it with her fringe but one of her eyes is a different shape to the other and it's just a bit freaky



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no idea, but since a car accident many years ago my eyes look "different".

I'd just love to be called "freaky". nice.
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I think she should grow her fringe long enough to cover her whole face.
I saw her on Mock the Week last night and she irritates the life out of me. Why does she have to show her tonsils when she does that fake laugh.
The woman is so far up herself it's not true.

goes to lie down in a darkened room with a stiff drink to recover from ranting
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I always used to fancy her mum in the 80's, does that help?
I think she is quite pretty and let it be said that David Bowie has what some describe as freaky eyes. And he is a very handsome man indeed.
actually, Mr Bowie and I have the same eye "problem"!

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Claudia Winkleman

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