Hollyoaks - OMG!

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Lakitu | 12:23 Sun 07th Sep 2008 | Media & TV
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Just watched the omnibus......I didn't see THAT coming!!!

Poor John Paul :(


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It was awful wasn't it!?

(by the way - to those who criticise us who watch soaps - I know it's not real, lol)
I know it was horrible i was quite upset!

And John-Paul was sh*gging Craig the whole time! How will he live with himself! And how is nasty Niall going to get found out for that that stuff now?! The big weirdo...
You'll not see the next one coming either but one of the mcqueens is going to be killed off too ;-)
No!!! Dont tell us who it is! But i hope its Niall!!
nope a proper mcqueen :-)
I hope it's Jaqui, I know thats not very nice but she really annoys me. She's not suited to Tony at all. What does he see in her?
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I was a bit upset by it too (though not so much I was crying or anything - wait 'til the funeral for that LOL).

Awwww c'mon 4get....who dies??? Because of Niall??

I hope it's Mercedes, she doesn't contribute to the show at all IMO, at least Jaqui played the part well in the surrogacy debacle....
Thats true, but now it'll just go on forever. "I want a baby" "You can't have one" "I want Tina's baby" "You cant have it"....
I agree about Mercedes.
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I read that Tony and Jacqui spit up.......
well someone on here told me one of the sisters but I was told that its the one and only mc - Queen John Paul and he is leaving in real life so looks likely

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Hollyoaks - OMG!

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