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Octavius | 20:27 Fri 29th Aug 2008 | Media & TV
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Seems to be coping remarkably well.

Considering this was her wedding day.


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dawn who?
Shes as wooden as long john silvers leg

The wooden one that is : 0)
she talks like she is chewing a wasp

Nice t�ts tho.

Mind you she got em done dint she ?
I think it was Stacey who had her boobs done
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why was her hair suddenly greasy looking at the front?
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Dawn who?
Dawn Patrol
I'm still none the wiser LOL
Sorry, I'm getting confused - that was Colonel Hathi and the elephants in Jungle Book.
Ah, thank you GOI. I don't watch EastEnders, no wonder I was baffled :o)
Neither do I, I'd rather stick knitting needles in my eyes, ears etc..................
LOL, I would too, but I'm sure there's shows I watch that other people would rather watch paint dry. Swings and Roundabouts :o)
Rumour has it someone smiled in Eastenders a couple of years ago.
OMG! I sincerely hope the producers rectified the matter ASAP.....
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