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georgit79 | 09:13 Fri 10th Sep 2004 | Media & TV
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I apologise for having watched this in the first place, but there seem to me to have been quite a few soap 'moment's that were missed out of the top 50. Who, for example, could forget that moment in the Queen Vic when Grant played the tape of Sharon confessing to her affair with Phil, or the time that Steve smacked Saskia over the head with an ashtray? What about Chris Tate's suicide in Emmerdale? Or Luke's rape in Hollyoaks? Does anyone else know of any good moments that were missed out?


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When Harold got swept off the rocks into the sea in Neighbours, and all they found was his glasses... His reappearence as Ted years later was hilarious! :)
SOnia not knowing she was giving birth was a fantastic screen moment (cor Enders gets it right for once!). How about just lately when Jack Duckworth dressed as a woman to play in the bowls team and then finds out that the oppositions captain was in the Army with him 40 yrs previously!!! Brilliant.
"You're not my Mum!"....."Yes I am!!!" Zoe and Kat in EEnders
Didn't see the programme so don't know if it was included (doubt it!) but the "Bouncer's Dream" sequence in Neighbours is legendary in my eyes
How about when Daphne in Neighbours gave birth to Jamie through her tights?! She was in the middle of some woods somewhere and all you could see was Clive (I think?) leaning over her telling her to push but she still had her tights on so where was the baby supposed to go!
RJA - they DID include Bouncer's dream sequence and it was in the top 15 rofl.
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Bouncer's dream sequence was at number 10!
Steve and Karens wedding,where Tracey made her entrance and all hell broke loose.Riveting stuff!

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Greatest Soap Moments

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