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Abdulmajid | 23:29 Sat 12th Jul 2008 | Film, Media & TV
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Great voices on BBC2 now.

I never knew Peggy Mitchell actually sh4gged Syd James!!!!!

And what a horrible man Kenneth Williams was.

Am I alone in not knowing these revelations???


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Ronnie Knight got his henchmen to break into Bab's house and re-arrange her furniture as a warning that they could "get to them" at any time. Evil!
I love Carry on films. I'm not interested in the bilge behind them.
Hmmm, wasnt Kenneth williams also Willo the Wisp?
I think he was gay also.
I heard that about Bab's furniture too. Apparently the reason she had curly hair for ages was because they moved her GHD's...
I'm with you, tigerlily. Wonderful!!
Yes, he was Wil-o-the-Wisp, what a weird little show! And yes, he was gay and hid it badly since it was illegal in his day.
By the way, I loved Mr. Benn and have the DVD. Just what I need to help me remember........
I watched carry on camping earlier and carry on up the kyber last week. They are well funny.
You dont get that sort of wit in films nowadays.
All this PC has spoilt it...
I put Carry on Camping on for my Dad. The best one in it was the woman with the hideous laugh. I've never seen her before or since.
If you want to make your toes curl with absolute revulsion read Kenneth William's diaries - the book was published some years ago. An absolutely vile man.

Frankie Howerd was another that would have been in prison had he been in ordinary employment.

I never liked Sid James - he made my skin crawl.
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The voice of 60 a day Embassy Reds methinks.

Wasn't she in Man about the House with Syd James as well???
The Kenneth Williams diaries are on BBC2 now, Ethel. Michael Sheen got an award for it, so I want to watch it.
Bernard Bresslaw is on at the moment, bless him!
I agree, Sid James was truly vile!
i have seen all the carry on films, and i dont think there is one that i could say was crap. they all made me laugh and still do now.
Diane Copeland was Sid's wife in Man about the House. Is that who you're thinking of?
Hi Ethel, to save us having to read the book, will you tell us some of the stuff that was in it?

Oh, go on please Ethel .......... you know you want to! (LOL)
I don't really care what any of them were like in real life. It's irrelevant to the job they did. They made me laugh - and they still do. Sadly, we will never see their like again.
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A quick internet search states it wasn't her Sir Alec. Looks and sounds like her though.

Don't know her name in Carry on Camping so can't do an IMDB search.
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Please don't get me wrong, I enjoy the Carry On movies.

"Screaming" being my favourite followed by "Dick"
Betty Marsden according to Wiki, since she's listed as Terry Scott's wife.
Chappie - I recommend you read the book. As well as feeling revulsion, you will feel great pity for a hugely talented man wrecked by depression and angst; annoyance at his fussy, pernickity manner; anger at the downright bitchiness and nastiness he expresses towards his fellow cast members; you'll be laughing out loud at the genuine humour he shows in his book too.

How one person can suffer from such insecurity and yet feel so totally superior is an enigma.

You'll want to shake the hypochondria and self-absorption out of him and wrench him away from his mother.

I feel worn out and exhausted just thinking about it.

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Seen a lot of the shows she has appeared in on IMDB but can't actually recall her to be honest.

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