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jessiedog | 16:44 Thu 03rd Jul 2008 | Media & TV
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If regeneration fails and is still DT - think 'hand in jar'

They rushed him back into the TARDIS rather than leaving him out in street to regenerate (usually pretty quick in happening).


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Sorry - tried to make the text not appear in question space beginning but AB has beaten me. Blast !!

Can only apologise if you haven't seen it yet.
Being as David Tennant has already recorded the Christmas special for later this year (er, Christmas time), then whatever happens in Saturday's episode, David Tennant is going to continue as the Doctor somehow.
And he said on TV a couple of weeks back that he begins filming the four specials in January 2009. So still Tennant, whatever happens.
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Thanks tony and james, I don't think I have made myself very clear - my fault!

As it seems almost certain that DT remains the Dr, then the regeneration must fail or be halted. I think that the hand in the jar will somehow have a part to play in stopping/reversing the regenaration. I hope that is clearer than mud LOL.

Had sherry now so brain kick-started since this aft.

They have been showing that hand a lot lately havn't they? Don't know if it's going to be in this story, or if they're saving it for something else.
I think DT's regeneration may have something to do with the Daleks taking the planets " out of time " or whatever the phrase used was.

No way will there be a new Doctor yet.

Ps - I've just been to the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff, it's worth the fiver admission to see a lot of original costumes and offers plenty of photo opportunities !
If anyone is in, or visiting, London, the Doctor Who exhibition at Earls Court is very big.

And for fans of the original series, the Doctor Who museum on Blackpool's Golden Mile is very big too... tml
Earlier in the series there was an episode where the doctor had a daughter. She regenerated at the end and still looked the same. So it can be done.
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Wish I could get to those exhibitions ...

Francis, I can't remember exactly what happened with the daughter (old age catching up with me) - did she regenerate or just not die?

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!
The doctors daughter didn't just regenerate, it was the terraforming device that revived her - like the Genesis device in the Star Trek film.

Here's the Wiki page ughter

Hope you enjoyed the show, jessiedog. I guessed DT was safe !

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