Amy Winehouse battling emphysema

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AB Asks | 13:59 Tue 24th Jun 2008 | Media & TV
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She has reportedly been diagnosed as having the early stages of the lung disease yesterday. She was seen smoking a cigarette after leaving the doctors, despite the consequences this could have on her health. Doctors have apparently warned her if she goes back to smoking drugs it could not only ruin her health and voice but could kill her. What do you think? Will she ever learn, or is her path of self-destruction going to be fatal?


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Don't give a sh1t, she could and should die to-morrow and I would not bat an eyelid.
Emphysema my @rse. She's battling a drug addiction, I don't know why they don't just admit it. They must think our heads button up the back.
AB Asks tried to make me clean up but I said 'no, no, no'.
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Whether it be drugs, alcohol or smoking, it all reflects the attitude so often found amongst the younger generation these days. We are often told it takes all sorts to make the world go round. Maybe so. But there is an obvious disrespect prevailing in the 'younger-set' which certainly would not have been tolerated some while ago. But then didn't the offspring always know better than their parents and rebuffed advice on moral issues, when growing up? Just look at some of the comments on Chatterbank!! Admittedly, not always from younger users, but most of the provocation comes from that section of the community. Uneducated, ill-advised, arrogant, abusive, ignorant, controversial - and often intelligible. They are unable to hide their lack of respectability. But we know who they are - don't we?
I'm with spock.
I think what they are saying Lakitu is that all the heavy sh1te she has been smoking eg Canibis, crack, heroin no doubt not to mention standard ciggies have given her emphysema as well as bing a junkie. She won't see 40 unless she gives up smoking full stop.
LEAVE AMY ALONE! Sorry, I was going for the whole creepy Chris Crocker thing. I love that video!
My sources tell me that she doesn't have emphysema and that the father was confused. She was just warned that she 'could have' it in the future.

Seems to be much ado about nuffink. I told you she was trouble.
>despite the consequences this could have on her health.

Yes, like she is REALLY concerned about her health.
Doc Spock is right.

Amy who?
Sorry to change the subject but is a Lakitu baddie from Super Mario World that dropped pointy things from a cloud???
Sure is, haggis :)

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Amy Winehouse battling emphysema

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