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guitarboogie | 22:22 Tue 17th Jun 2008 | Media & TV
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i can recall carlos the chef and shooey mcphee the chef but there was another chef later on i think played by an older actor....william something i think....can anyone recall the name of that older actor please?


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How weirdf is this question?

The other day I was watching an old minder or professionals or something, and carlos was in it. Like you, I could remember him and shughie (see, he DID get out in the great escape....) but not the other guy, and I could see him so clearly too.

So I checked, and it was mr lovejoy, played by william avenell.
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many thanks postdog from guitarboogie
I am really worried now - I also saw the 'Minder' epidsode, and not only did I know straight away that the actor was named Anthony Morton, I also remembered that his wife in Crossroads was played by Gillian Betts, and I instantly remembered Mr Lovejoy.

I don't know about getting out more, maybe i should just start getting out!!!
I should definitely get out more - I was suddenly put in mind of yet another chef in crossroads. I could not remember his name or the actor, but having checked, it was Mr Booth, played by David Lawton. I think he had black hair and large black-rimmed glasses - can't remember quite when he was in the show though!

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crossroads chefs actor

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