Famous for her curves, Fern Britton opted for a gastric band

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AB Asks | 14:43 Tue 03rd Jun 2008 | Media & TV
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She was always the curvy, cuddly looking presenter, famous for her curves and famous for standing up for women who aren't and don't want to be stick insects. Over recent months she has been losing weight and has now gone on to admit she has had a gastric band fitted. She said she did it for her, because she wanted to. What do you think?


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I think Ethel posted on this days ago and you're running a bit late 4257.html
I really can't understand why people are making such an issue out of this.

People have managed to assume that FB lost her weight through dieting, and now that she has advised (why 'admitted'? She didn;t lie about it.) that she has had a gastric band, people are behaving like this is some kind of massive betrayal.

Point One - we are a fat-ist society, but really the size, or not of Fern Britton is hardly news is it?

Point Two - she has lost weight, feels and looks better for it, who gives a flying one how she managed to do it?

Point Three - why are a load of complete strangers taking it upon themselves to feel put out because they allowed themselves to make an assumption about an aspect of a stranger's life that is none of their business - and then find out that things were not as they assumed?

Point Four - does anyone really care?
Who's Fern Britton..?
jno, you ought to know they don't actually read our posts!
I think she is a lying cheeky cow who should be sacked.

�200,000 a year for advertising ryvita etc.

It is none of the public's business how she lost the weight,and I fail to see why everybody seems to think it is.Just because someone is a celebrity does mean the public own them.
My view? So what?
Fern Britton? Who really cares?
I think that she has let down bigger gals. She has always said that she is happy with her size etc - plainly not true as she had a gastric band fitted. The worst part though, is that she purposly misled the public by telling us that she had lost all the weight from diet and cycling/pilates. It may be her personal life but when you are in the public eye, you have a responsibility to them whether you like it or not. Fact is, for whatever reason, she lied and that's wrong. Don't think she's done herself any favours.
SHe has let down big gals? I think she is a good example to big gals, be it through surgery or not. She is over 40 and needs to be healthy as possible. She has a young kid that she should be able to run around after.-
Why should she stay big? Just to make big women feel better?

She has a young family and needs to think about her health and has every right to lose weight by whatever means she wants! she didn't 'lie', she just didn't annonce it to the world!

End of the day, she is a very nice person so why put her down!
To be fair, I don�t think she ever stated that it was down to diet and exercise, it was the media who �purposely misled the public� into believing this. The only thing she might be guilty of, is not saying at the time that this was all untrue and that it was achieved through gastric surgery.

But as said so often above, who cares.

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Famous for her curves, Fern Britton opted for a gastric band

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