Kiss of Death on bbc 1 last night

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puddicat | 11:06 Tue 27th May 2008 | Film, Media & TV
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Decided to watch this one off thriller last night, and what a let down, the story line was pretty good but it kept coming back to the female boss getting accused of her babies death, why did that have to be part of a murder enquiry, gave it up at 10 though it was meant to finish at 10.30, maybe its me maybe others thought is was good!!


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I'm with you - I thought it was rubbish!!! bad script, bad acting - all round disappointment!! x
Complete and utter tosh
I gave up after 10 minutes and watched The Sweeney on ITV4 instead. I think it tried to be too psychologically clever - if that�s possible.
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I recorded it - having read these comments, I think I'll wipe it unseen.
Dont forget the scientist was a drunk as well - all the main characters had a back story of sorts. Such a lot of resources for such little reward - poor show.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought this was awful. I got the impression this was trying too hard to be American. I don't know why we try to emulate US style shows when our crime programmes like Midsomer Murders and Lewis are so good.
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quite a fan of danny dyer so thought it might be interesting was i sooooooooooooo wrong!!
Does Danny Dyer act? He's the same character in everything he is in!
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Kiss of Death on bbc 1 last night

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